Ordering Food Online

No hassle ordering, we make it easy

Right now the Doha Delivery architecture requires you to Sign-In before you order online. You will only see the interactive menu, if you’re signed in. If you’re not signed-in, you see the simple display menu.

We will be changing this architecture soon, but had to keep it this way to avoid erroneous orders while we were testing the system.

We try to make ordering your favorite food as easy as possible. Thus we’ve created a simple two-step process to get you your food.

Step 1 – Make your Order

Simply fill in the quantity you want for each item and our system will track your order and total for you. Make changes all you want, our system updates in real-time.

Ordering from Kabab-ji on

Ordering from Kabab-ji on


When you’ve finished selecting what you want to order, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Place Your Order Now

Place your order now button on Doha-Delivery.comStep 2 – Confirm Your Order

After you select “Place Your Order Now”, you are taken to the Order Confirmation page.

Check to make sure the delivery address is accurate (it will use your default location). To change your address, go to “Account settings” using the link in the top right-hand part of the page.

Check to make sure your order is accurate. Use the “Modify Order” button to change anything. This button will take you back to the ordering page.

Here you can also add notes to your order. Click on “Add a Note” and tell the restaurant that you don’t like chick peas in your hummus or you want extra cabbage leaves or to go easy on the oil…with Doha Delivery, you’re the boss.

Now select you payment method, Agree to the Terms & Conditions and click on “Confirm Order” and sit back and wait for your food!

So what are you waiting for? Order Some Food!

Order Now from Doha Delivery


To note: You will NOT receive an email or SMS confirmation after hitting “Confirm Order”. But trust us, if you are taken to the confirmation page, your order was created. You WILL receive a confirmation email and SMS when the restaurant changes your order status to “Preparing Order”. This confirmation lets you know the restaurant has started working on your order. You will also receive notices when your order is “On its way” and “Delivered” (though,hopefully you will be eating your food by then). If you have any problems with the order or need to make changes after submitting your order – CALL THE RESTAURANT DIRECTLY. Contact Us, if you experience any problems with the system so we can fix it for the future! Don’t forget that all orders and the use of are subject to our Terms & Conditions.