How to Create an Account

You need an account to order online

Creating your account is a three step process

Unfortunately we’re not psychic, we need to know who and where you are in order to get your orders to you.

Thus to order online, you need to sign-up. We do try and make this process as easy as possible and your Doha Delivery account can be linked with both your Facebook and twitter accounts to make for seamless sign-ins in the future. If you link your twitter or Facebook account to your Doha Delivery account, as long as you are logged into either Facebook or twitter your browser will recognize the connection and will auto-log-you-in when you arrive on a Doha Delivery page. You will never have to sign-in. If you’re not signed in to Facebook or twitter, you can sign-in using your respective accounts and not have to remember another log-in and password for Doha Delivery!

But let’s get started creating an account.

The first thing to do is find the sign up link which is at the top of every page.

The Sign in bar is at the top of every page of Doha Delivery

Step 1 – Sign Up!

First you have to either click “Login with Facebook” , “Sign in with Twitter” or “Sign up“.

If you select the Facebook or Twitter options a Facebook or Twitter pop-up will appear asking you to log-in to your respective account. This process links your account to Doha Delivery.

After linking your account or if you just choose “Sign up“, you’ll be taken to the Second Step – completing your account information.

Creating a Doha Delivery account

Step 2 - fill in your important contact information

Step 2 – Contact Information

This page asks you for important information, most importantly your email address and mobile phone number. We need this information to contact you about the status of your orders and to allow the restaurant to contact you should there be something wrong with your order.

You can also indicate what kind of account you want – private or a company account. A company account would be for your office or place of business to use!

Once you complete the form (asterisked fields are mandatory) and hit the “Sign up” button, an email will be sent to you to verify your email address. Click the link on the email address and we move to Step 3.

Step 3 – Add your Location(s)

Step 3 is adding your location, the restaurant can’t find you, if we don’t have a good address, right?

Doha Delivery tries to reduce the pain of explaining ad nausea to a busy restaurant where you live. When you place an order through Doha Delivery your address is sent to the restaurant, including a map and any notes or directions you’ve included!

One you’ve verified your email address, you’ll be taken to your “Account Details” Page. Near the bottom of the page, select the “add a location” link. This link will take you to the Add Your Location Page.

We built our location creator specifically for Doha!

First – select your city: Doha or Al Rayyan.

For quick reference everything East of Shamal Highway (or D-ring road / 22 February Street…this road has many names but it’s the big highway running N-S  through Doha) is Doha and everything West is Al Rayyan. Unfortunately we only focus on Doha and the near districts of Al Rayyan right now, we may expand to Al Khor and Al Wakra in the future.

Second – select your region (also known as a planning zone).

If you don’t know what zone you live in, you can always check our real-estate website – Mabeyt, or keep a look out as you drive home. Large blue signs mark the edges of the planning zones at different intersections.

Third – Pin Drop your location on the map

By completing the first and second steps, your map should have zoomed in onto your region. Now find your villa or apartment building and drag and drop the red pin onto your location. Try and be as accurate as possible because this is the map the restaurant driver will use to find you. Zoom out of you need to orientate yourself on the map and then zoom in to get the most accurate location. Please note: The Location will NOT save unless the pin is dropped on a location.

Coming Soon: a map with landmarks so you and the restaurant can easily find your place on the map!

Also, note, if you pin drop your location near a named street, the street name will automatically fill-in on your location. If the street name that gets added is not the right name, you can manually delete or change it in the field. You can also leave this field blank, it’s not mandatory, since we know, many streets in Doha still don’t have names (or are paved).

Fourth – Fill in your Details

Select whether you live in a compound/apartment or a free-standing villa, the details fields change based on your selection.

Now fill in your details and don’t forget to add some notes or directions in the “Additional Information” box.

Save your selection!

Once your back on the My Details page, look at your location to be sure everything looks right, then select a “Default Location”, by clicking on “Make my Default Location“.

 Now you’re ready to order!

Go to Doha Delivery and get yourself some well deserved food!!

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