Doha Delivery Statistics

Take a peak into what’s happening with Doha Delivery month-to-month, check out our stats as we update them and watch Doha Delivery grow!  We’ll provide blog post updates on our user rates and the most popular restaurants every month, allowing users and restaurateurs to follow our rise and help track the different delivery tastes in Doha.

As for our current database statistics, we currently have 54 Menus on our site, representing 118 different restaurant locations, 21 different cuisines and over 3,000 different menu items – all in the greater Doha Metro Area (Doha and Al Rayyan municipalities).

Our user ship and members grow day-by-day, we first launched Doha Delivery in November 2010 and have seen radical user growth without any marketing spend. We focus on SEO as one of our competitive advantages and it shows.

July - Doha Delivery Statistics

July Statistics

August - Doha Delivery Statistics

August Statistics