Manage Your Orders

Manage all your Online Orders via One Easy Interface

Doha Delivery makes it easy to manage all your Online Orders.

When a NEW order is placed by a customer using Doha Delivery, the order is registered in the Restaurant’s MY ORDERS page.

Additionally, as soon as the customer places the order, the restaurant manager is alerted of the order via email and via SMS.

Learn how to manage your EMAIL Alerts HERE.

Learn how to manage your SMS Alerts HERE .

The Instructions Below will Show you how to manage your Orders in 3 EASY STEPS


1. When a new order is received…

GO TO your MY ORDERS page.

Your MY ORDERS page can be found on your Menu Bar on the Right Hand Side of your MY DETAILS page. The MY DETAILS Page is the default page you land on, after you log into your Doha Delivery account.

You can click on either the TEXT that says My orders or on the Number that displays the number of ACTIVE orders (See the Arrows in the picture below).

An ACTIVE ORDER is the number of ORDERS that have been placed by customers and that have not been marked as “DELIVERED” or “CANCELLED” by the Restaurant Manager.  This Number should represent the number of Orders awaiting to be delivered. But, If the Restaurant Manager has not changed the STATUS of these orders to “Delivered” or “Cancelled”, then the Orders will remain ACTIVE.

Find Your My Orders Page

Find Your My Orders Page

2. Your My Orders Page

On this Page ALL Your ACTIVE ORDERS will be listed.

Again, an ACTIVE ORDER is an ODER that has been placed but whose status has not been changed to “DELIVERED” or “CANCELLED” by the Restaurant Manager on the Doha Delivery website.

(Your My Orders Page will look like the picture below, the color coded arrows point to the different functions that are described in detail in STEP 3 below)


Your Doha Delivery MY ORDERS Page Functions

Your Doha Delivery MY ORDERS Page Functions

3. On this Page, You have the following Options

(Green Arrow) Changes the Order Page to another Restaurant. Only use this option if you are managing more than one restaurant on your Doha Delivery account. This option allows you to toggle back and forth between different Restaurant accounts.
(Red Arrow) Changes the Status of the Order. Use this Function to communicate with your customers. When you change the Status of the Order, the customer is notified by Email and SMS! You can choose from the following options: (1) Preparing Order (2) On the Way (3) Delivered (4) Cancelled. When “Delivered” or “Cancelled” are selected, the Order is automatically moved from the ACTIVE order section into the ARCHIVES.
(Blue Arrow) Click on “Details” to see the entire order, including the Customer NOTES and the MAP. From the DETAILS page you can print the order and the directions. It is highly recommended that you use this function to prepare and delver the order.
(Black Arrow) This function brings up ALL of the Archived Orders (orders that have been marked as “Delivered”) Remember, the website does not know if an order has been delivered, unless YOU CHANGE the ORDER STATUS to “Delivered”.