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Giving Directions in Doha

How do you give directions to Food Delivery Drivers in Doha? One of the biggest challenges in Doha, despite its small size, is giving directions. Everyone fears that moment when ordering food from a new restaurant and trying to give directions to the driver who barely speaksEnglish or speaks a different dialect of Arabic. Mohana Lakshmi Rajakumar created a great... read more

Know your Zone! Planning Zones and Delivery Food in Doha

Hello Doha!! A lot is changing at Doha Delivery over this summer with more restaurants being added and new website enhancements. One aspect, I hope everyone will like is an attempt at better mapping, both to help you find delivery restaurants and to help delivery restaurants find you. The basic building block that will soon enable us to improve delivery accuracy... read more

McDelivery in Doha

McDonald’s Delivery in Doha McDonald’s seems to be everywhere in the greater Doha area. Every time you turn your head, there’s another McDonalds jutting its golden arches out into the Doha skyline. We, unfortunately, have not been able to physically count every single McDonald’s in Doha, much less in Qatar – it’s a daunting... read more

Burger King in Doha

Order from Burger King on Doha Delivery The four biggest international fast food chains in Doha are McDonald’s, KFC, Hardee’s and…of course, Burger King. The Burger King franchise in Qatar is owned by the Restaurant Franchise Service Company W.L.L from Saudi Arabia and their headquarters is located in Riyadh. We’re not sure which local... read more