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KFC Dominates Doha

Is KFC the most popular delivery choice in Doha? There must be something in the Colonel’s secret recipe of 7 herbs and spices, because it seems like everyone from around the world loves KFC…though many in Doha don’t realize KFC stands for “Kentucky Fried Chicken“. Starting in July, the KFC location in Bin Omran Town Center has been... read more

McDelivery in Doha

McDonald’s Delivery in Doha McDonald’s seems to be everywhere in the greater Doha area. Every time you turn your head, there’s another McDonalds jutting its golden arches out into the Doha skyline. We, unfortunately, have not been able to physically count every single McDonald’s in Doha, much less in Qatar – it’s a daunting... read more

Burger King in Doha

Order from Burger King on Doha Delivery The four biggest international fast food chains in Doha are McDonald’s, KFC, Hardee’s and…of course, Burger King. The Burger King franchise in Qatar is owned by the Restaurant Franchise Service Company W.L.L from Saudi Arabia and their headquarters is located in Riyadh. We’re not sure which local... read more