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November 2011 Stats

In November Doha Delivery really launched… Thanks again to everyone who visited Doha Delivery this November, it was another record breaking month. We continue to climb, but thanks to the new redesign and the launch of a online ordering, November really saw our numbers take off. Doha Delivery had a total of 7,854 visits, averaging well over 250 users per... read more

KFC Dominates Doha

Is KFC the most popular delivery choice in Doha? There must be something in the Colonel’s secret recipe of 7 herbs and spices, because it seems like everyone from around the world loves KFC…though many in Doha don’t realize KFC stands for “Kentucky Fried Chicken“. Starting in July, the KFC location in Bin Omran Town Center has been... read more

McDelivery in Doha

McDonald’s Delivery in Doha McDonald’s seems to be everywhere in the greater Doha area. Every time you turn your head, there’s another McDonalds jutting its golden arches out into the Doha skyline. We, unfortunately, have not been able to physically count every single McDonald’s in Doha, much less in Qatar – it’s a daunting... read more

September 2011 Stats

In September Doha Delivery broke new records… Thanks again to everyone who visited Doha Delivery this September, it was another record breaking month. September saw our busiest month yet with a total of 6,253 visits and the single most visits in one day on September 10th. Even more significantly, our pageviews keeps increasing driven by increases in the... read more

Doha Delivery on BBC World

Small Businesses Make it Big in Qatar. Doha Delivery was recently highlighted on the BBC World News Middle East Business Report. The report was titled “Small Businesses Make it Big in Qatar” and aired on 24 September, 2011. The report highlighted the surge in entrepreneurship in the Qatari population. We personally don’t think that fact alone is... read more

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