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Ramadan Kareem from Doha Delivery

رمضان كريم May Allah’s Blessings shine always on you and your loved... read more

Order from Noodle House Online…maybe?

Doha Delivery spoke to Noodle House Managers a few weeks ago… They are great people, but Noodle House is taking its time to decide over whether they should start online ordering. As if there was a choice… Maybe they should listen to their customers!! Tell Noodle House what you think…   Take Our Poll   Remember Noodle House has... read more

Giving Directions in Doha

How do you give directions to Food Delivery Drivers in Doha? One of the biggest challenges in Doha, despite its small size, is giving directions. Everyone fears that moment when ordering food from a new restaurant and trying to give directions to the driver who barely speaksEnglish or speaks a different dialect of Arabic. Mohana Lakshmi Rajakumar created a great... read more

Know your Zone! Planning Zones and Delivery Food in Doha

Hello Doha!! A lot is changing at Doha Delivery over this summer with more restaurants being added and new website enhancements. One aspect, I hope everyone will like is an attempt at better mapping, both to help you find delivery restaurants and to help delivery restaurants find you. The basic building block that will soon enable us to improve delivery accuracy... read more

December 2011 Stats

In December Doha Delivery kept climbing despite the holidays Thanks again to everyone who visited Doha Delivery this December, it was another record breaking month. We continue to grow and we can now provide some real stats on online ordering from our first online ordering partners: Bread and Bagels, American Grill, and Kabab-Ji Grill (New Al... read more

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