About Us

Find all your favorite Doha Restaurants in one place is a new website in Doha, Qatar that connects users with delivery restaurants in Qatar.

The Beta site first launched in November 2010.

Doha Delivery 

Doha’s dining industry is on the cutting edge as its restaurants go digital! With, all of the great eats in the capital become instantly available at one central hub. With a vast library of delivery menus just a click away, it’s easy to order your from your favorites or explore new cuisines. Just search by restaurant name, cuisine, or location to find delicious food near you delivered right to your door. The Doha Delivery team is working to bring the newest innovations to the digital delivery world as they develop one-click online ordering for Just select your food, pay online, and receive your delivery at the door. No driving, no calling, no cash.  Want your food faster? Soon the site will be rolling out pin-point mapping for you to accurately indicate your address and stream-line delivery services. With a smooth interface, simple steps, and hundreds of restaurants to choose from, ordering food has never been so quick, easy and hassle-free. Doha Delivery takes pride in being one of the first Doha-grown e-businesses, and will lead the way as entrepreneurial Qatar continues to innovate, grow, and embrace today’s expanding and changing markets. Doha’s food, ordered online, delivered fast.