Know your Zone! Planning Zones and Delivery Food in Doha

Hello Doha!!

A lot is changing at Doha Delivery over this summer with more restaurants being added and new website enhancements.

One aspect, I hope everyone will like is an attempt at better mapping, both to help you find delivery restaurants and to help delivery restaurants find you.

The basic building block that will soon enable us to improve delivery accuracy and reduce delivery errors is the absolutely beautiful concept of planning zones. If you’re an organized nerd like I am, the idea of planning zones or “regions” is a life-saver. And, the Qatar municipalities are in-fact all divided up into neat planning zones. The Qatar planning zones are a wonderful mechanism for finding places and people…..unfortunately not many people in Qatar know about the planning zones or even what zone they live in.

Qatari friends who have lived here their whole lives often don’t know about the zones!

Some people don’t even know where the municipality of Doha Stops and where Al Rayyan Starts!

Zone 24 Rawdat Al Khail in Doha


It’s an absolute tragedy. So here at Doha Delivery, we’re going to start a bit of an awareness campaign because knowing where you live is a big help in getting food delivered in Doha…..though to be fair, the restaurants can use the zone education too…so let’s go to school.

We are in the process of updating our zone names and boundaries and adding enhanced features that better utilize the zones. We will also launch a separate site that will allow you to see and learn about the planning zones on an interactive map. But in the mean time, let’s start learning about Doha and its zones.

There are over 90 planning zones in Qatar, but since we’re focused on Doha we’re only going to look at about 67 of them. The majority of these zones are in Doha Municipality;

Zones 1-49, and zones 60-70 are all Doha Municipality. The 60-70 numbers are the “New Doha” zones consisting of what most people call “West Bay” and going up to Lusail.

Zones 51- 56 are in Al Rayyan Municipality (I don’t know what happened to Zone # 50, maybe it got lost in the construction boom).  There are more zones in Al Rayyan municipality, but we only focus on those that border Doha – where the majority of the population resides.

Zone 57 is technically part of Doha Municipality as well, but it’s the Industrial Area. Even though the Industrial Area has the highest population density in Doha (250k people live in the Industrial Area), we unfortunately don’t focus on it because our customer base isn’t there. If you haven’t been to the Industrial Area to see what life is like there, I highly suggest you go. It’s very eye opening.

…but back to less serious matters, like where Doha stops and Rayyan begins -

Do you know if you live in Doha or Al Rayyan?

It’s easy really, as a general rule of thumb Shamal Highway or Doha Expressway (D-Ring and then the E-Ring piece) is the dividing line between Doha and Rayyan. Doha is to the East (towards the Gulf for those of you that are cardinally challenged) and Rayyan is to the West. Thus, Education City, QNCC, Aspire, Villagio, Al Waab, etc are all in Rayyan.

Landmark is in Doha and the new Gulf Mall being built opposite on the other side of the highway is in Rayyan.

So…when you are ordering food or setting up your profile in Doha Delivery, the first thing to figure out is what “City” you are in, i.e. Are you in Doha or Al Rayyan…there are only two choices and these are the easy ones. Our following Blog Posts on Zones will bring you more choices…but if you learn the zones your life will get easier and you will lose weight, get a raise and become more attractive. We promise!!!


Below you can see a map outlining Doha Municipality:

View Ad Doha Municipality in a larger map

And here is a map outlining the key Rayyan Municiplaity zones:

View Ar Rayyan Zones in a larger map




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