December 2011 Stats

In December Doha Delivery kept climbing despite the holidays

Thanks again to everyone who visited Doha Delivery this December, it was another record breaking month. We continue to grow and we can now provide some real stats on online ordering from our first online ordering partners: Bread and BagelsAmerican Grill, and Kabab-Ji Grill (New Al Rayyan).

Not surprisingly, we saw a slight dip in usage around late December as people left for holiday breaks, yet our traffic numbers still improved over November. Doha Delivery had a total of 8,327 visits, averaging well over 250 users per day. Even more significantly our homepage still has a low 21% bounce rate.

Here are our statistics for December 2011:

General Statistics

Visits:……………………………..   8,327

Pageviews:………………………  34,024

Pages/Visit:……………………….   4.09

Homepage Bounce Rate:..………  21%

Average Time on Site:…………  02:48

Search Engine Traffic:………..  80.76%

Restaurant Menu Statistics

Overall, December saw over 8,000 menu views on Doha Delivery. Our Doha Delivery top 25 are the top 25 restaurants viewed during the months in Question. You’ll probably notice, if you’re following our blog posts very closely (…and who isn’t? This is riveting stuf!) that we are now tracking pageviews by restaurant and not by menu and that we’re posting the top 25, vice 20. The difference between the top restaurants vice menu is that we are now combining pageviews from all branches. For example, we combined the page views in December of the Yellow Cab Pizza in Markhiya with its sister Yellow Cab Pizza location in Souq Al Ali (Al Luqta, Al Rayyan…by the “immigration roundabout”).

In December 2011, the top 25 restaurants generated 7,585 pageviews and 4,605 likely orders.

We use page exit rates to estimate the number of orders placed.

An exit rate is the percentage of users who left the site from that particular page.  Since our online ordering system is not fully deployed, most visitors to Doha Delivery still call in their orders using our online menus.  We are assuming that a user who leaves Doha Delivery after landing on a restaurant menu likely placed an order, especially since the average time a user views each menu is usually over two minutes. Some users may not have placed an order and some may have placed an order with another restaurant and just kept viewing the menus…but we feel the exit rate is still a strong statistic with which to base our estimates.

Doha Delivery Top 25 Restaurants

Once again, KFC…specifically the KFC in Bin Omran…was our most popular menu in December.  KFC (all branches) had 1,046 pageviews in December with an average time on page of 2 minutes 26 seconds and an estimated 729 orders. Bread & Bagels stayed at #4, as Papa John’s Pizza, and Take Away stayed in the #2 and #3 spots with 758 and 684 visits respectively. Bread & Bagels had 626 pageviews in December with an average dwell time of 3:01. McDonald’s and Nando’s took the #5 and #6 spots with 594 and 406 visits each….thus dropping Yellow Cab Pizza out of the top 5.

To be fair to Bread & Bagels, they are a sole restaurant location while all the other restaurants’ numbers are a combine tally of multile branches.

Individual restaurant pageview tallies were down for December, though overall pageviews were up over November. It seems more pageviews were spread over a wider number of restaurants.

The Top 25 Doha Delivery Restaurants

These restaurants had the most pageviews on Doha Delivery for the month of December.

Listed in order from 1 to 20 (branch locations, if applicable, are in parenthesis).

  1. 1.   KFC,
  2. 2.   Papa John’s Pizza,
  3. 3.   Take Away,
  4. 4.   Bread and Bagels,
  5. 5.   McDonald’s,
  6. 6.   Nando’s,
  7. 7.   Yellow Cab,
  8. 8.   Burger King
  9. 9.   Applebee’s
  10. 10. American Grill,
  11. 11.  Hot Chicken
  12. 12.  Caravan Bukhara,
  13. 13.  Kabab-Ji Grill
  14. 14.  The Noodle House
  15. 15.  Sushi Minto,
  16. 16.   Royal Tandoor,
  17. 17.   Sabah W Masa
  18. 18.   Turkey Central
  19. 19.   The Garden Annapoorna
  20. 20.  Pizza Hut
  21. 21.   Hardee’s
  22. 22.   Marmara Istanbul
  23. 23.  Welcome Dine
  24. 24.  Iskender Kebab
  25. 25.  Kebab King
Doha Delivery Statistics

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