KFC Dominates Doha

Is KFC the most popular delivery choice in Doha?

There must be something in the Colonel’s secret recipe of 7 herbs and spices, because it seems like everyone from around the world loves KFC…though many in Doha don’t realize KFC stands for “Kentucky Fried Chicken“.

Starting in July, the KFC location in Bin Omran Town Center has been the number one destination for Doha Delivery visitors. All the branches of KFC together on Doha Delivery continue to rack up over 900 menu views per month (or over 30 a day).  KFC, as a brand, dominates McDonald’s and Burger King in Doha and the number of restaurants in Doha supports these claims. With 18 delivery locations, KFC has the largest number of delivery restaurants in Doha of any fast food chain in Qatar.

Sometimes it feels like KFC is taking over Doha, there are 18 locations in the greater Doha area and all of them deliver. That’s one KFC for every 67K people and one KFC for every 20 Square Kilometers.

All the KFC’s in Doha now have a single KFC Delivery Phone Number: +974 4441 0410,

But you can also find individual branch phone numbers on Doha Delivery.

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