McDelivery in Doha

McDonald’s Delivery in Doha

McDonald’s seems to be everywhere in the greater Doha area.

Every time you turn your head, there’s another McDonalds jutting its golden arches out into the Doha skyline.

We, unfortunately, have not been able to physically count every single McDonald’s in Doha, much less in Qatar – it’s a daunting task. But we think we have all the delivery locations mapped out on our site (those that are in the greater Doha area, including Al Rayyan). A big disappointment is the McDonald’s Arabia website for Qatar, which looks promising but leaves a lot to be desired and is riddled with broken links…also, don’t even try to access the site, if you’re using Chrome. I had to switch to IE to get anything to work.

Nonetheless, according to the McDonalds Arabia website there are 20 McDonald’s locations in the greater Doha area (14 in Doha Municipality and 6 in Ar-Rayyan Municipality). This division between Doha and Rayyan is probably not accurate since the Arabia website lists “Al Gharafa”  as a Doha location. It also does not seem like the website has been updated in at least a year. However, I think the number is probably close to accurate but it’s hard to tell because the locations aren’t mapped. A McDonald’s in Gharafa closed recently to make way for the Sidra housing expansion (so I am told), on Gharafa Street across from Sidra and QSTP. This location, I was told by the restaurant manager, did not deliver. But another McDonald’s location on Al Huwar Street, next to the Woqod Petrol station has recently opened and this location does deliver. If these numbers are accurate, then that’s one McDonald’s for every 85K people.

(Also just to note, the McDonald’s Arabia website also lists 4 other branches, one in Al Khor, one in Al Wakra, one in Dukhan and one in Umm Salal).

Of the 20 (or so) McDonalds locations in the greater Doha area, we think only 7 actually run delivery service and the average delivery service timing is from 11am until 11pm or midnight. McDonald’s in Doha serves breakfast now, but they don’t deliver breakfast. Don’t fret if you don’t know which McDonald’s actually delivers to your location though – McDonald’s in Doha has a central phone number for all delivery services. Just call +974 4407 6666, and McDonald’s will direct your order or call to the right location.

If you’re interested, you can see all the McDonald’s delivery locations in Doha on our map below:

View McDonald’s in Doha / Al Rayyan in a larger map

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