September 2011 Stats

In September Doha Delivery broke new records…

Thanks again to everyone who visited Doha Delivery this September, it was another record breaking month. September saw our busiest month yet with a total of 6,253 visits and the single most visits in one day on September 10th. Even more significantly, our pageviews keeps increasing driven by increases in the average pages per visit and our homepage has steadied out at a low 21% bounce rate for September.

We have also been working hard this September to redesign our site in order to make everything EASIER and get you closer to one-click ordering.

Here are our statistics for September 2011:

General Statistics

Visits:……………………………..   6,253

Pageviews:………………………  38,597

Pages/Visit:……………………….   6.17

Homepage Bounce Rate:..………  21%

Average Time on Site:…………  03:45

Search Engine Traffic:………..  68.50%

Direct Traffic:………………….. 18.77%

Restaurant Menu Statistics

Overall, September saw over 5,500 menu views on Doha Delivery. Our Doha Delivery top 37 are the top 37 menus viewed during the months in Question. In September 2011, the top 37 menus generated 5,576 pageviews with an average dwell time spent by users viewing a menus standing at exactly 2 minutes per visit . We estimate the Doha Delivery Top 37 generated 2,523 orders in September or an average of over 81 per day.

We use page exit rates to estimate the number of orders placed.

An exit rate is the percentage of users who left the site from that particular page.  Since our online ordering system is not fully deployed, most visitors to Doha Delivery still call in their orders using our online menus.  We are assuming that a user who leaves Doha Delivery after landing on a restaurant menu likely placed an order, especially since the average time a user views each menu is usually over two minutes. Some users may not have placed an order and some may have placed an order with another restaurant and just kept viewing the menus…but we feel the exit rate is still a strong statistic with which to base our estimates.

Doha Delivery Top Restaurants

Once again, KFC…specifically the KFC in Bin Omran…was our most popular menu in September. The KFC had 526 pageviews in September with an average time on page of 2.0 minutes and an estimated 298 orders. Bread & Bagels took back the #2 spot in September and proved to be a very close #2. Bread & Bagels had 482 pageviews in September with an average dwell time of 2:54 and an estimated 273 orders. The third place award for September 2011 went to the Papa John’s Pizza Restaurant in Umm Ghuwailina. This Papa John’s Pizza branch had 399 pageviews in September and an average dwell time of 3:06! We estimate 231 orders were placed to this Papa John’s Pizza branch in September 2011.

The Top 15 Doha Delivery Restaurants

These restaurants’ menus had the most pageviews on Doha Delivery for the month of September.

Listed in order from 1 to 10 (branch locations are in parenthesis).

  1. 1.   KFC (Bin Omran),
  2. 2.  Bread and Bagels,
  3. 3.  Papa John’s (Umm Ghuwailina),
  4. 4.   Take Away (Furousiya Street, New Al Rayyan / Muaither North),
  5. 5.   American Grill,
  6. 6.   Domino’s Pizza (Ras Abu Aboud),
  7. 7.   Caravan Bukhara,
  8. 8.   Sushi Minto,
  9. 9.   Yellow Cab (Markhiya),
  10. 10.  Nando’s (Al Sadd),
  11. 11.  Kabab-Ji Grill (New Al Rayyan)
  12. 12.  Burger King (Qatar Sports Club, West Bay)
  13. 13. Nandos (Hyatt Plaza),
  14. 14. Yellow Cab Pizza (Al Luqta)
  15. 15. McDonald’s (Centre Point Mall, Al Sadd)
Doha Delivery Statistics

Specific Restaurant Branches vs. Chain Restaurants

As always the above numbers only represent the popularity of a given restaurant location, which is very accurate for a stand-alone restaurants like Bread and BagelsAmerican Grill or Sushi Minto, but is not as accurate when analyzing the popularity of chains, like KFC. When considering a restaurant chain, even a small chain, like Yellow Cab Pizza, outperforms any given restaurant branch. Yellow Cab had both its locations in the top 15 in September for a total of 306 pageviews…still behind the current Pizza leader - Papa John’s (Umm Ghuwailina) - with 399 views, but also the fourth highest total for September.

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