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Small Businesses Make it Big in Qatar.

Doha Delivery was recently highlighted on the BBC World News Middle East Business Report. The report was titled “Small Businesses Make it Big in Qatar” and aired on 24 September, 2011.

The report highlighted the surge in entrepreneurship in the Qatari population. We personally don’t think that fact alone is new, Qataris ave been very business focused for generations, the change is happening in type of entrepreneurs who are emerging. New Qatari entrepreneurs are more tech focused and innovative and are not just forgoing government jobs but are forgoing the family holding company model to make it one their own. “Wasta” as it were, may be beginning to fade.  Currently, the Doha business space is still dominated by large holding companies, but smaller start-ups like Doha Delivery can carve out successful niches and experience rapid growth in businesses where competitive advantages in design, innovation, customer service and technology prevent the incumbent dinosaurs from competing effectively.  The current  business environment in Qatar still favors the lumbering incumbents over innovative start-ups. For example, legislation still prevents competition in critical areas – like the online payment gateway space (think PayPal)- which has detrimental knock-on effects in the entrepreneurial space. These business environment realities will hinder start-ups like ours for the time-being, but we are working on innovative work-arounds and our current strategy is geared to ensure that we still thrive and keep growing at our current rapid pace into the foreseeable future. Also, we are confident Qatar legislation will evolve to favor innovative, technology based companies at some point in the near future.

Doha Delivery was also honored to be highlighted as one of Qatar’s up-and-coming entrepreneurial businesses along the likes of I Love Qatar and Techno Q.

You’ll notice Bread and Bagels is also featured in the piece.

You can see the whole piece on the BBC World News website by following this link or by clicking on the link in the box below.

Middle East Business Report

Small Businesses Make it Big in Qatar

The economy in Qatar is forecast to grow by an impressive 20% in 2011. Often it is the big, billion-dollar deals that grab the business headlines but smaller businesses are increasingly helping to fuel growth. It is creating an entrepreneurial shift among young people.

With the World Cup coming to the country too, the opportunity to develop Qatar’s SME sector has never been greater.

Stephanie Hancock reports from Doha on who is making it big in small business.



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