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The four biggest international fast food chains in Doha are McDonald’s, KFC, Hardee’s and…of course, Burger King.

The Burger King franchise in Qatar is owned by the Restaurant Franchise Service Company W.L.L from Saudi Arabia and their headquarters is located in Riyadh. We’re not sure which local company operates the restaurants…yet.

There are 13 Burger King franchises in Qatar, 12 in the greater Doha Metro Area (sorry Wakra, we’re counting you out for now), including two franchises in the City Center Mall (one on the 2nd floor by the Cinema and the other on the 3rd floor by the Entertainment Complex).  However out of those 12 locations, only 8 offer delivery service.

Still 12 locations means that there is approximately one Burger King in Doha for every 100K people or one delivery location for every 150K people.

…in Cairo there are TWO Burger Kings. In Washington DC there are THREE Burger King locations.

In Doha, 8 Burger King locations delivery and every location only delivers between 12 Noon and Midnight everyday of the week. 

No matter what the location opening hours are, many are open until 2 or 3am, delivery services seems to stop at Midnight. There is a new Burger King location next to the Woqod Petrol Station in Old Al Rayyan (off of Al Huwar Road and near the roundabout where Al Huwar intersects with Al Rayyan Road and becomes Al Furousiya). This location is the first to be open 24hrs, but the delivery hours are only from Noon to Midnight.

The following locations in the Greater Doha Area (Doha & Al Rayyan) offer delivery services between Noon and Midnight, everyday and can be found on Doha Delivery:

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