Caravan Bukhara – Updated Menu

Caravan Bukhara has updated their Menu.

One of Doha’s most popular Indian restaurants has updated its menu.

Check out the new changes on Doha Delivery.

Don’t worry though, Caravan Bukhara has not made any radical changes to their popular menu. The vast majority of the menu is still exactly the same.

You’ll most likely notice the changes when you go to pay your bill.

Caravan Bukhara is located in the Khalifa International Tennis Complex in Zone 62 near West Bay and right off of the “Oryx Roundabout”. They deliver to all of Doha and Al Rayyan, though sometimes their delivery areas may be limited depending on driver availability. Evening delivery doesn’t start until after 6pm and the minimum for delivery orders is QR 100.

Unfortunately Caravan Bukhara won't offer Online Ordering via Doha Delivery anytime soon

Unfortunately Doha Delivery won’t be offering online ordering from Caravan Bukhara anytime soon. Caravan Bukhara loves and supports Doha Delivery, but they don’t have an internet connection or a computer with which to receive orders. So sadly, until Caravan Bukhara decides to invest in some modern technology…like a netbook and a QTEL broadband connection…we’re all stuck picking up our phones and calling in our delivery orders.

Caravan Bukhara serves mostly Northern Indian dishes and specializes in kebabs and other meats cooked in their traditional clay ovens. You can learn a bit more about Indian food by viewing our Doha Delivery blog post on the subject.

Enjoy Your Food!



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