Domino’s and Isfahan X-Press Branches Closed!

The strip mall on Gharrafa Street that hosted many delivery and non-delivery restaurant chains across from QSTP has been closed.

(We are a little late with this information, sorry!)

Among the closures were the Domino’s Pizza and the Isfahan X-Press  that were located there, as well as the Shater Abbas, Subway and Saba W Masa.

We don’t have details on if these restaurants have or will open new branches, but we have updated the Doha Delivery website and we will update you as we learn more.

Since the entire area where the strip mall on Gharrafa is located is being fenced off and the buildings are being demolished, we can only assume the construction is part of the Qatar Foundation expansion plans.  The closure will likely have a short-term detrimental effect to QSTP and QF workers who often enjoyed delivery and take-out from these restaurants, but Doha Delivery will work to improve its office location and corporate account features in order to make ordering-in that much easier for the important knowledge workers at the QSTP Innovation Center, Vodafone, Fuego and other great organizations located in QSTP and QF.

In the mean-time, we can only assume that the Furousiya Street location (across from Aspire Park) of Isfahan X-Press will take over deliveries to the Gharrafa area and that the Domino’s Pizza located in New Al Rayyan will do the same.

Also, the Furousiya Street location of Shater Abbas will probably continue to service Al Rayyan, though a new location has just opened next to the Woqod station on Huwar Station, just before the round about (we will be adding that location soon). And, the Saba W Masa on Salwa Road has always been the only delivery location.

If you have any more information, please let us know.

Location of the closed restaurants

Strip Mall with Domino's, Isfahan X-Press, Shater Abbas, Saba W Masa and others closed for QF expansion




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